Government of Jordan presents its NDC Action Plan


The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the NDC Partnership, organized an International and Development Partners Roundtable on 24 April 2019 to present Jordan's NDC Action Plan, outlining Jordan's plan to achieve the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement.  

Jordan submitted its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the UNFCCC in November 2016 with the objective of reducing its greenhouse gases emissions by 14%, with 12.5% reduction conditional and subject to availability of financial international support.

Becoming a member of the NDC Partnership in March 2018, Jordan joined a a global coalition of over 100 countries and institutions collaborating to drive transformational climate action while enhancing sustainable development.

The NDC Action Plan is aligned with national policies and strategies, particularly the National Climate Change Policy and the National Green Growth Plan for Jordan, and reflects priority actions conducive to accelerating and facilitating the implementation of Jordan's NDC. The NDC Action Plan outlines priority areas in mitigation, adaptation, and cross cutting sectors and sets objectives to transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy by increasing the share of renewable energy mix and upscaling energy efficiency measures; strengthening resilience and adaptation to climate change in the water and agricultural sectors; and mainstreaming climate change in local and regional development planning. 

The roundtable gathered over 50 participants representing international partners and development partners, line ministries, the National Climate Change Committee, and civil society.  

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